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An Idea is Born

Illawarra snake catcher didn't just happen over night. Glen started over 25 years ago in the reptile hobby, learning all he could about every animal he kept.

From what to feed, to husbandry and breeding.

Glens first passion was turtles, and to this day is still a major part of his life, He currently breeds hundreds for the local pet market and also supplies most of the major pet stores around NSW, and regularly freights them to customers in QLD and VIC.

Snake catching for Glen was the only logical next step he could take in his career 

Our fearless Snake 


Here's Glen releasing his first ever 

venomous snake, a gorgeous red 

belly black snake.   

1000 more of these please

Just another day in the office, This is one of the more pleasant snakes Glen likes to catch, such a docile snake the old diamond python.

They love to inhabit roof spaces and can sometimes be heard moving around.

Why Us?

We started Illawarra snake catcher because of our passion for the animals.

With natural habitats disappearing to agriculture and housing, we thought the best way we could help was to catch and relocate them to a more suitable home, away from urban development.

We stop at nothing to make sure our customers and slivery friends have a happy ending.

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