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 Illawarra Snake Catcher is focused on providing a fast and reliable Snake removal service.

Our number one priority is customer safety.     We do not recommend you try and remove a snake yourself .

The Illawarra is home to a number of venomous and non-venomous reptiles,  from time to time they find their way into our homes , businesses and even cars.  

Not only do we find snakes getting into trouble, we occasionally get calls to rescue other reptiles such as goanna's and Blue tongue lizards. 

Posing a risk to us, snakes also pose a major risk to our pets.       Veterinary cost can be ten times higher then the cost of a Snake removal.


What to do when you have an unwanted visitor? 

                    - Stay Calm & Don't Panic.

                    - Make sure any family and pets are kept out of the area.

                    - If possible, make sure pets cannot enter the affected area.      Do not put yourself at risk by trying to save your pet.

                    - Contact Illawarra Snake Catcher -  We are trained to safely and humanly remove snakes.

                    - Until we arrive, From a safe distance we ask that you keep a close eye on the snake,  It makes our job a lot  easier and safer.


We service the Illawarra and all its surrounds.

All northern and southern suburbs, also areas in the Southern highlands such as

Moss Vale, Mittagong, Bowral, Bundanoon & Berrima.


Staff at Illawarra Snake Catcher are highly trained and licensed with NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service.       

We also Carry full Public Liability & Personal indemnity Insurance. 

LIC    MWL000103182

Don't Risk It, Call Us